We work closely with our municipal and regional partners to create new real estate opportunities for both private investment and access to Lake Erie.
We are responsible for the implementation of the Lake County Coastal Development Plan and Landside Communities Plan. These plans were developed through several years’ worth of public input as well as the identification of opportunities for Lake Erie-related tourism and private investment. As such, they reflect our residents’ vision for enchanced public access to the lakeshore. We collect and maintain information on available sites and buildings in Lake County to help serve business needs. We have pertinent information ready for businesses to make informed decisions when deciding to move or expand in Lake County.

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A U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a restricted-access site within the United States that is legally considered outside of Customs territory for the purpose of tariffs or duties, so goods may be brought into site duty-free and without formal customs entry. The purpose of the FTZ program has ben to expedite and encourage foreign commerce within the United States. The benefits are to reduce, defer, or eliminate duties, reduce merchandise processing fees, weekly entry, and no import quotas. Lake Development Staff can direct you to the local Zone administrators.
Development frequently means redeveloping or re-purposing land and buildings in order to meet current market needs. Previously developed properties, especially commercial or industrial properties, may be affected by environmental contamination, outdated or rundown structures and other development constraints. The Lake Development Authority recognizes the need to invest in the redevelopment of these properties, known as “brownfields,” as a key part of furthering our local economy. LDA manages the county’s allocation of the State of Ohio’s Brownfield Remediation Program.

The first step in any brownfield redevelopment project is an environmental assessment. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment analyzes the history of a project site to determine what environmental risks may be present on the site. In some cases, a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, requiring sampling of soil and groundwater, may be required. The Lake Development Authority can provide funding and/or technical assistance to assist you in navigating the assessment process.

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