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The Lake Development Authority was created in February 2007 to promote projects that will provide for the creation of jobs and employment opportunities and improve the economic welfare of the people residing in Lake County. Lake Development Authority is a Port Authority under Ohio law which allows us to offer a variety of economic development tools. Port Authorities have important development powers such as the ability to acquire, lease, and
improve property, and to issue taxable and tax exempt bonds. Because Port Authorities themselves are tax exempt, they can provide development services at a lower cost than private institutions. Our services can assist would-be entrepreneurs to large corporations, small non-profits to large institutions and communities.

Advantages of Working with Lake Development Authority

Lake Development Authority accelerates the economic growth of Lake County, Ohio by providing tailored support to local businesses. We offer access to information and resources in areas of financing, partnerships, spaces, transportation, and community so that organizations can grow here in Lake County.

We are the economic development arm of the Lake County Board of Commissioners and have a wide variety of responsibilities and resources. We simplify the complexities of growth by leveraging our vast network of partners while operating as a single point of contact and resource for information.
Because of our size and local focus, we can respond quickly and effectively to requests for assistance. Our organization assists with the planning and execution of business expansion and new development within Lake County. Because we are a Port Authority, we offer a variety of financing options. As organizations aim to develop new spaces for business and recreation, we can help identify and procure available land and buildings that best meet the needs of the project. Additionally, we are the co-sponsors of the Lake County Executive Airport with the Lake County Board of Commissioners.

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Board directors

Staff members

Art Lindrose – Chairman

John Uhran – Vice Chair

John Rampe

Wally Siegel

Bill Martin

Nate Hicks

Kevin Freese

Jim Struna

Ronald Wassum

Patrick Mohorcic

Executive Director


Patrick is a Lake County resident and is a graduate of the College of Wooster. He holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) in public finance from the Levine College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University.

Patrick serves as the Director of Public Finance and Chief Financial Officer, He provides outreach to companies throughout the community regarding business financing options including the LDA’s bond financing programs, PACE energy efficiency financing, the CROP loan program, and other financing options. He also serves as the Lake Development Authority’s Chief Financial Officer, managing the budget and finances of the LDA and the Lake County Executive Airport.

Amy Cossick

Deputy Executive Director


Amy Cossick is a resident of Lake County. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in public administration from Indiana State University. Cossick served as the Village Administrator for the Village of Fairport Harbor from 2018 until 2024. As the Chief Administrative Officer for the Village, Amy was responsible for the management of the administrative offices including the Service, Water, and Zoning Departments. In addition, Amy managed all of the long-range and strategic planning, economic development, and policy development for the Village. As Deputy Executive Director, Amy will manage and coordinate special projects undertaken by LDA, oversee LDA owned industrial properties, assist on coastal development and airport related projects, manage the Community Development Block Grant projects, and serve as the assistant Controller.

Tim Cahill

Bond and Public Finance Officer


Tim is a native of Lake County and a graduate of Marquette University, with an MBA from Lake Erie College.

Mr. Cahill brings to his position over 25 years of commercial lending and community development experience and a network of relationships in Lake County. His expertise is invaluable to LDA’s bond and financing programs. During his employment, he has facilitated over $173 million in capital lease financing which in turn created nearly 600 jobs for Lake County. In his role as Bond and Public Finance Advisor, Tim provides support to all LDA departments. He is instrumental in the Lake Development Authority’s Business Retention and Expansion program, providing and connecting resources to the business community in Lake County.

Patty Fulop

Airport Manager


Patty is the Airport Manager for the Port Authority and oversees Lake County Executive Airport. Mrs. Fulop has over 15 years experience as an airport manager and also currently serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Port Authority Board. She has extensive experience with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, the Ohio Airport Protection Act, plus federal, state and local mandates and compliance issues. One of her duties as airport manager is to write and manage grants on the federal, state and local level. Patty is a 1978 graduate of Cardinal High School in Middlefield, Ohio and a lifetime member of the Institute of Certified Travel Consultants where in 1989 through education and years of service she earned her designation as a Certified Travel Consultant.

Myranda Keister

Director of Planning and Development


Myranda is a new resident of Lake County coming from Apple Creek, Ohio. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, Interpersonal Communication and she minored in Organizational Communication and Human Resources Management. As Director for Planning and Development, Miss Keister’s focus is the execution of the Lake Development Authority’s strategic physical development initiatives around Lake County, including sourcing and structuring financing as well as overseeing the development process. Her responsibility also includes directing the Lake Development Authority’s implementation of the Lake County Coastal Development Plan and Landside Communities Plan. Myranda assists the LDA on business attraction projects undertaken with local, regional, and state partners.

Debbie Connor

Office Administrator


Debbie is the Port Authority’s Bookeeper and manages the Port’s financial records, prepares invoices and pays bills. She is also in charge of payroll and other human resource functions. She handles banking needs and reconciles bank statements. She is also responsible for assisting the Deputy Director of Public Finance and Chief Financial Officer with preparing budgets and board reports..

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